Single Mattress Bag Covers

Single Mattress Bag Covers: 94″ x 40″ x 14″

Note: One Single Mattress Bag is required for the mattress and a separate bag is required for the box spring. Sold individually.


Single Mattress Bag Covers

Your mattress and box spring set were expensive and are expected to last 10-20 years. Don’t risk getting it dirty, dusty, or exposing it to weather on move day or while in storage. Our high quality, thick plastic, hypoallergenic single mattress bag covers are durable, reusable bags that fit all single size mattresses and box springs.

Note: One Single Mattress Bag Cover is required for the mattress and one for the box spring.

Protect your sleep investment. Continue to get a good nights rest knowing your mattress and boxing spring are well protected at every turn.

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Dimensions 94 x 40 x 14 in


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