Wardrobe Boxes Bundle (5)

Wardrobe Boxes 24″ x 22″ x 48″ (includes metal hanger bar)

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Wardrobe Boxes Bundle (5)

Uses: This Wardrobe box bundle contains 5 wardrobe boxes. Wardrobe boxes are, portable, storable, mobile closets! Each wardrobe boxes comes with a 24 inch metal hanger bar that extends across the top of the box to hang your clothing. There are handles on each side to easily carry them on and of the move truck. Once assemble the front panel folds down to allow for easy access to hang clothing. Move hanging clothing still on their hangers directly into the wardrobe box. No need to remove the hangers and rehang at destination. A huge time saver! Not to mention there’s no need to iron. You can pack any hanging clothing from dresses, pants, coats, shirts, blouses, suits, anything on hangers.

Recommendations: We recommend limiting the overall gross (full) weight of a wardrobe box to 60-75 pounds. Try to limit the packed weight to one that is comfortable for you to move without straining your back. Though most boxes can easily hold more weight there is no sense in over packing a box only to realize that it’s to heavy to lift and carry.

Eco-friendly & responsible: These wardrobe boxes are also eco-friendly! They are certified to contain a minimum of 75% post consumer recycled material. All our moving boxes are 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable, 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. We not only want to help make your move easier and more convenient, we also want to do our part to reduce our environmental footprint and yours. Once your move is completed simply breakdown your moving boxes and save them for storing seasonal items, pass them along to a friend or family member who may be moving or keep them for your next move. Once broken down they take up very little space and can be be used over and over for years to come.

Strength: Each wardrobe box comes with a box certificate printed on the bottom panel which shows the ECT or Edge Crush Test. This is a rating to determine the boxes strength. These double walled wardrobe boxes have an ECT rating of 44 lbs. The maximum recommend gross packed weight of this box should not exceed 80 lbs.

For your convenience each box has a “Place This Box In Room Marked” label on the top flap. There are 12 room and area check box selections available so you can determine which room the box is intend to be in when it arrives at destination. This helps to expedite box location and unpacking of the moving truck on arrival.

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Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 24 x 24 x 48 in


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